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First trip out since deck painting!

Its been a while since I’ve updated the “Ships log” as I’ve been concentrating mostly on articles and how tos. Since the deck painting epic and getting the boat generally fitted out for the season we had not had a chance to get out on the water. Finally, on a moderately (and with two children and the ships hound in tow, mercifully) windless day, we got out on the water for a sail down to Kings North power station and back. So out we set, Thomas was keen to take the ropes in the lock and Patch howled relentlessly when Liz dared to go out of the cockpit.


It was Sophies first trip out properly on the river and she managed very well. After a few hours out, it was time to turn around and come back.

The mast stayed pointing in the right direction, I managed to avoid hitting anything (expensive or otherwise) and all the crew stayed on board, so for a first trip out of the season, that’s not bad going.

Goodbye MYC, and hello Chatham Marina!

Due to the constant struggle to get out to Triola on her mooring in the middle of the river and the added danger to Thomas (our two year old) being swept away by the tide should he finally succeed at throwing himself over the side (which he often tries to do), we decided it was time to opt for a marina berth.

We slipped our lines late in March in the first good weather window after all the winter storms.

Using the lock is going to be a bit of a learning curve, especially with the strong tide that flows past the entrance of the lock, however, we are looking forward to being able to step straight onto our beautiful boat with no messing around with trot boats and dinghies!

2012 Ryan family holiday published in Yachting Monthly!

This is rather belated, as the article was published in Yachting Monthly in summer 2013, however, our write up from our 2012 adventure with our son, Thomas, when he was but four months old, was finally included!