First trip out since deck painting!

Its been a while since I’ve updated the “Ships log” as I’ve been concentrating mostly on articles and how tos. Since the deck painting epic and getting the boat generally fitted out for the season we had not had a chance to get out on the water. Finally, on a moderately (and with two children and the ships hound in tow, mercifully) windless day, we got out on the water for a sail down to Kings North power station and back. So out we set, Thomas was keen to take the ropes in the lock and Patch howled relentlessly when Liz dared to go out of the cockpit.


It was Sophies first trip out properly on the river and she managed very well. After a few hours out, it was time to turn around and come back.

The mast stayed pointing in the right direction, I managed to avoid hitting anything (expensive or otherwise) and all the crew stayed on board, so for a first trip out of the season, that’s not bad going.

2 thoughts on “First trip out since deck painting!

  1. riemer

    Hi! I’ve got a question concerning your post about the Nasa log fitting. I’d like to use one of your pictures for an article, if that’s okay with you.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Mark Post author

      Apologies it has taken me some time to respond. Thank you for asking, I’m happy for you to use the photos.


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