I put this site together to pull together all the information about our wonderful Albin Ballad, Triola, with logs, maintenance and information about her. I also wanted it to serve as a reference for fellow owners of Albin Ballads and to gather together all the resources into one place that have proved so useful to me..

  • First and foremost, the “Ballad Exchange”, which is a community of Ballad enthusiasts now hosted on the the Swedish Ballad Owners association web space.
  • The Swedish Ballad Owners association. Google Chrome will translate this for you, and it has a raft of useful information.
  • Vega Marin (again in Swedish) still stock a lot of the original, hard to find bits for your beloved Ballad.
  • The East Coast Pilot web resource (and of course their wonderful book). This website has chartlets for the tricky entrances to the Deben and Alde and Ore rivers too. This book really picks out just how stunning our muddy English backwater really is and is a vital navigation resource as well as a cracking read.
  • The Isle of Sheppey weather cam is exceeding useful to gauge the weather on the Thames.
Triola sailing on the Medway

Triola sailing on the Medway