New cockpit locker hatches

The original washboards and locker hatches on Triola had seen better days, so it was time to remake and replace them, for which I once again employed the services of Rowan Yacht Services (aka, my father!). We removed the much hated piano hinges for some traditional chunky standard bolted hinges, making yearly removal for maintenance far easier.


3 thoughts on “New cockpit locker hatches

    1. Mark Post author

      What ho Tom! From memory, I think it was Sapele, and the ply was Robbins Super Elite Plus (my father would only use the best – worth every penny!) – they were truly beautiful when done. Let me know how you get on

  1. Colin Penn

    Hi Tom
    Could you dimension the P & S locker lids for me?

    I am starting material assembly for a cushion project(!) and failed to template the lids – which are 200 miles away!!!!!


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